10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

It was a little difficult to come up with things that I thought people wouldn’t know about me. I want y’all to get to know the real me and all of the things that have shaped me into who I am today, so I came up with a small list to help you all get to know me better.

  1. The Texas FFA Association (specifically the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo) made that degree up there happen! My senior year of high school I received the highest amount of scholarship they awarded at the time. I was able to graduate college and achieve my biggest accomplishment to date,  debt free!
  2. I grew up living with my grandparents. They played a huge role in raising my sisters and I! I moved in with them when my parents first got a divorce. To be completely honest, I wasn’t too fond of the idea at first. I was in middle school so I was already going through an awkward time and it just seemed like the end of the world. Looking back I can’t imagine NOT living with them! Nanny and pawpaw became my best friends and biggest inspiration.
  3. I often get “you were super intimidating before I got to know you” or “I was shocked at how nice you actually are.” I’ve gotten it for a while now and if there is one comment I could make regarding it it’s, don’t judge a book by its cover! It’s a timeless quote to live by. Just because it (sometimes) appears that I have it all together, I have feelings too! Be kind!
  4. I’m a workaholic. I just recently discovered this about myself. I will run myself to the ground before I say no to staying late to help out a little at work. I have always had the outlook that a good work ethic is free so you might as well have one.
  5. I feel obligated to inform those who don’t know me well, that I have clubbed thumbs, or to most people “toe thumbs.” My claim to fame is that Megan Fox has them too.
  6. I have one tattoo! Just your basic white girl anchor, but to me it has a lot of meaning. It’s so special that it’s going to have its own post soon!
  7. Speaking of referring to myself as a white girl, I often get asked what ethnicity that I am (lol). In today’s world I find it a little strange but no offense is taken here! For the curious cats, I have deemed myself as Frenchican (French and Mexican). I’m only a quarter Mexican but it’s enough to give me olive skin and the guilt of not being fluent in Spanish like the rest of my family.
  8. My dream job would be to own my own animal rescue. I send J at least one adoptable pet a day… I just want all of them!!!! This is without a doubt one of my biggest life goals.
  9. I could care less about TV. Back in the day I was super into Laguna Beach, The Hills and Gossip Girl, but the older I’ve gotten the more valuable I find my time. I would rather be doing something outdoors or with the dogs.
  10. I’m allergic to the cold. It is an actual condition that two different doctors have diagnosed me with y’all!!! It’s technically called cold urticaria but regardless of what it’s called it’s TERRIBLE. I have been breaking out in hives whenever I get cold for years now. Back in 2012 ABC News reported that one in every 100,000 people were effected by it. Not sure how I got so lucky!!!

I hope y’all enjoy learning about all of my quirks as we begin this journey together. Next post I’m bringing y’all up to speed on how on earth we ended up in Nashville.

Make the best of this beautiful week!

With love from Tennessee,


© 2017 Skyla LePoris


3 thoughts on “10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

  1. Super cute blog! And cute blog post 🙂 Isn’t it great how much we learn about ourselves as time goes on? If someone told me in high school that future-me would not have basic cable or care about TV, I’d be so shocked haha


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