Let’s Go Girls

Did y’all read that in Shania Twain’s voice? Because that’s totally what I was going for. I am way too excited to get this thing rolling!!!

I’ve been trying to talk myself into following through with a blog for a while now.. I over thought it, avoided it, prayed about it, and now here I am! I’ve been meaning to kick it into gear for weeks now too, but you know, life got in the way.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

For those that don’t know me, I’m Skyla, the brains behind the blog. That’s Tuf to the left and Bleu on the right, y’all will probably see a lot of them. I’m a loud and proud Texan who somehow managed to end up in Tennessee (another story for another day). I could talk about my upbringing for days but I will give y’all the short version for now.  I grew up in Haslet, a what used to be a small town outside of Fort Worth. Growing up, there were no red lights, there was one gas station that we occasionally rode the horses to and I didn’t have any neighbors. Most of my time was spent at the Ag barn back then. I showed livestock, got involved with the leadership aspects of FFA and quickly developed a passion for the agricultural industry. With that being said, my college days were spent at Fuzzy’s Taco, Legends Country Club and also Tarleton State University (GO TEXANS!!). With 1 degree change, 4 different houses, roughly 70 mental breakdowns and hundreds of memories, I was in and out in 4.5 years. I wound up a Delta Zeta and became a first generation college grad with an Agricultural Communications degree. How has it been almost an entire year since I graduated?! Besides the bills, life post grad is nothing short of magical. I’m currently working at Vanderbilt University Medical Center (clearly not using my degree in ag) as a program coordinator. I finally have some free time and that’s what brought Sky’s the Limit along! 

My goal is not to become some famous Pinterest-perfect blogger. I want to be real, raw and transparent. I’ve always wanted a blog, but I hesitated to open up about my life’s details. After some thought I realized that I have been blessed with one heck of a life and I’ve recently felt led to share my experiences. You can expect lots of life lessons, a dash of love, plenty of faith and all of the adventure in between! One of my all-time favorite quotes is, “aspire to inspire before you expire” and simply put, that’s what I want to do.

I am so excited to begin this journey with you all and I can’t wait to see where this goes. Feel free to comment or email me on any topics that you would like to see discussed in the future. Head over to my contact page to find out how to keep in touch!


With love from Tennessee,


© 2017 Skyla LePoris


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